Clermont Innovation Week edition 2024


CIW is back in 2024 from April 2nd to 11th with a rich program of events to « share, discover, and enrich » directly in contact with the players of science and innovation locally. True to its DNA, CIW returns with a series of conferences, exchanges, and experiences on topics ranging from deeptech to social innovation and women’s employment in tech!
And for good reason, this 7th edition of CIW will be placed under the sign of gender equality; a cross-cutting theme throughout the entire program. Whether it’s parity, access to technological and scientific careers, or representation at events, CIW will give prominence to this theme of major importance throughout these 10 days.

What is Clermont Innovation Week?

Clermont Innovation Week is a week of events coordinated by Clermont Auvergne Métropole highlighting science and innovation. For 10 days, in the spring, ecosystem actors offer different event formats (conferences, visits, exhibitions, workshops) to make their activities more accessible and allow everyone to come out with new knowledge!
No form of innovation is left aside and the program highlights both deeptech and entrepreneurship topics as well as initiatives related to culture and social innovation. Professionals, families, students, or enthusiasts of these themes, there is definitely an event for you in the program.

What CIW is not...

CIW stands out for what it is not. It is not elitist, commercial, techno-centric, impersonal, or the event of a single actor. Its offbeat tone and its proximity to the territory reflect its commitment to openness, discovery, and sharing of knowledge.

The history of CIW

10 days of innovation at Clermont Innovation Week.
CIW and its philosophy were born precisely from encounters and sharing! It was after a professional trip to Sweden that the Metropolis brought back in its suitcase an original event model to highlight the innovative and scientific ecosystem locally. This model was the Skane Innovation Week, from a Swedish territory with characteristics similar to those of Clermont Auvergne Metropolis! The idea was to adapt this week of events related to science and innovation to the metropolitan area. And it’s been done since 2018!

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